“Bar Etiquette”


What I am hearing from business owners, in regards to their bartenders is that, customers are saying they want a free drink after they put in an order for a drink, and then the bartender has to hear the flux from the customer who ordered a drink and did not say the right name for the drink, and then that produces the wrong drink, and/or hearing that the customer orders a drink and says I thought that was the special and argues with the Bartender, and/or thinks just because that is their friend that they should load them and their friends up on free drinks and food. PLEASE NOTE: The bartender is just that a bartender, and does not want to get fired, for giving out free drinks/food etc., And also, bartenders are reporting that people are saying to the bartender to surprise them with a drink, and then they do not like it, and sometimes these are the same customers they get all the time, and they do not like the drink, so this poses a great big problem. They have to be accountable to the owner of the establishment. Also, learn to wait your turn, some people are so happy to be at the bar, that they forget other people are around and they start just waving money around in the air, they are thinking they are the only ones getting waited on.  Please learn to have patience. I know we are living in a world full of excitement, so patience is necessary.
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