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Vision Board – What are your GOALS?

January 11, 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Everyone Now that we are in a 2019 a BRAND new year it is time to make some new and improved changes that will enhance our everyday lifestyles. It’s time to create a vision that you...

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“Business Toast – Etiquette”

April 11, 2018

Who needs tips on “Business Toasting”? I am sure all of you have been out celebrating great Busines Toast occasions. What a great feeling right. But, what about celebrating with improper etiquette? Here is just a couple of quick tips...

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“Christmas Card Etiquette”

December 15, 2017

Are you ready for the Holidays? Who is in need of some quick Christmas Card Etiquette Tips? Are you ready to send your Christmas Cards out for this Holiday season? If not what are you waiting for Christmas 2017 is...

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“Bar Etiquette”

September 21, 2017

What I am hearing from business owners, in regards to their bartenders is that, customers are saying they want a free drink after they put in an order for a drink, and then the bartender has to hear the flux...

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“School Etiquette”

September 12, 2017

So, how many of you had kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc, start school this month? And, the next question, how many of you prepared your kids for “School Etiquette” I am emphasizing this 100% because it is so unfortunate that...

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“Dining Etiquette”

August 21, 2017

Let’s talk about Dining Etiquette: First, please take note that table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. They are visible signals of the state of our manners and therefore are essential to professional success. Following is...

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“How Are You Using Shared Office Space “

July 31, 2017

How many of you are now using the new cost effective Shared Office Space? If your answer is yes, then the next question is how are you using your shared space office etiquette? Let me just go over to some...

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“Bathroom Etiquette at The Office”

July 14, 2017

I get so many requests to post information on “Bathroom Etiquette.” Be honest, is everyone using the proper Bathroom Etiquette? With today’s entrepreneurs, there are so many of us working. But, what about when you are using your Bathroom at...

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“Good Manners”

June 26, 2017

  “Good Manners will open doors ┬áthat the best education cannot.” -Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice

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“Handshakes and Etiquette”

June 26, 2017

Who thinks about a handshake, or do you already know the fundamental key elements of Etiquette? Some think a handshake is a precursor to starting an interview, what do you think? The correct etiquette handshake should begin at the beginning...

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