“How Are You Using Shared Office Space “


How many of you are now using the new cost effective Shared Office Space? If your answer is yes, then the next question is how are you using your shared space office etiquette?

Let me just go over to some and introduce to others about some basic housekeeping etiquette tips rules for the new up and coming Shared Office Space.

  1. Cleanliness РPlease keep your area and workspace clean and not messy. Keep everything you own with you and learn to maintain your own personal space daily.  And, please when you get ready to leave to clean your area 100% of all food and office items you may have used during your shared office space visit.
  2. Respect – Please be aware of everyone around you show respect, give that person and all others total privacy. And, if you need to step out or talk on the telephone please excuse yourself or find a place that is convenient for you to speak in private.
  3. Noise – Please be mindful of all the entrepreneurs¬†that are trying to concentrate on their businesses etc., Everyone needs complete SILENCE in order to complete the tasks they are working on. Since we are living in the technology age with today’s Social Media, Podcasts, Netflix Etc., Also, please remember to use your headphones, earbuds wisely not distracting others from reaching their set goals. with your loud noise.

Hopefully, these short tips will be helpful for you to remember about your neighbor and respect for everyone in the Shared Space Office Space. Just because you are sitting right next to someone does not mean you can get away with not using proper etiquette.

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