“Appointment Etiquette”


Let’s talk about Appointment Etiquette:
How many of you are guilty of making appointments and not keeping them. Not me, It is very important to keep the appointment you made. This is considered “RUDE.”
If, you are not going to make the appointment please contact the person that you made the appointment with. It only takes less than five minutes to use proper Etiquette to reach out and make the necessary personal contact with the individual.
Even with today’s technology, you are inexcusable for being rude, and this is why you see very often Doctors, Dentists, etc will charge you a no-show fee, this is an inconvenience for everyone. Who wants to deal with last minute cancellations, a no-show, and, if you are super busy like me this can be very annoying.
And, another important thing to remember is when you make an appointment and you do show up, please do not get there, say hello to the person and text and talk on the phone – just leaving the person there to listen to everything you have to say – Who wants to deal with that, or, say I have to leave as soon as they get there.
I just want you to keep in mind about when you are making appointments is this the correct timing for you, so you do not inconvenience others time. Otherwise, you may be charged for your Improper Etiquette.
Remember, Detroit Delivers provides Certified Etiquette classes contact us by phone or email.