“Bathroom Etiquette at The Office”


I get so many requests to post information on “Bathroom Etiquette.” Be honest, is everyone using the proper Bathroom Etiquette?

With today’s entrepreneurs, there are so many of us working. But, what about when you are using your Bathroom at the Office, is Bathroom Etiquette present?

We spend tons of hours working, and of course using the bathroom as well, so, I hope and pray you are not spreading germs and bacteria around while using your only moment of privacy while you’re¬†comfortable bathroom time is upon you by talking on the cell phone, or not washing your hands even afterward.

The bathroom should be just that, so please follow great basic workplace bathroom etiquette rules and this way it will pleasant for your coworkers after you leave the bathroom as well.

Please make sure you are utilizing proper hand washing at all times, this is very critical and a must, while you are preparing to leave the bathroom to enter back into your office space to meet co-workers, clients, networking, or maybe even handling food, etc., Who wants to shake hands with someone who has bad Bathroom Etiquette. I know I wouldn’t,¬†would you?

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