“Business Toast – Etiquette”


Who needs tips on “Business Toasting”?

I am sure all of you have been out celebrating great Busines Toast occasions. What a great feeling right. But, what about celebrating with improper etiquette? Here is just a couple of quick tips for you to remember when out celebrating in honor of your great accomplishments and success.

Who do you think toasts first? If you answer the host – You are CORRECT. When you go out and celebrate PLEASE do not stand up with the glass and silverware tapping the glass that is improper etiquette this is why it is so important to consult Detroit Delivers for a one on one consultation on Etiquette training.

Before you give your speech, PLEASE prepare what you are going to say by writing out a speech in advance and rehearsing it so it will come across clear.  When you are ready to give your speech make sure the Host is the one that toasts.

If you are at a Formal occasion the toaster must always stand, as well as toasters attending celebratory event  SALUTING and the person being honored will remain seated.

And proper etiquette for toasting is for you and all guests not to gulp the drink down but take sips. Everyone should be happy and ready to toast and if you don’t drink you can always ask for water or a soda.

Hopefully, you thank everyone for attending your Business Toast with proper etiquette and making sure the person toasted does not drink to himself. And, in thanking your guests you can hold the glass by raising it up to toast the host, in honor of yourself. And if you are in a small group setting everyone must remain seated as the person honored gives his great Toast Speech. And PLEASE remember to have proper etiquette and letting the person finish their speech and then you applaud the honored person giving the speech.


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