“Christmas Card Etiquette”


Are you ready for the Holidays?

Who is in need of some quick Christmas Card Etiquette Tips?

Are you ready to send your Christmas Cards out for this Holiday season?
If not what are you waiting for Christmas 2017 is fastly approaching and pretty soon or, if not already you will begin seeing and hearing about “Ugly Sweaters” so try to get a jump on this right away. And, by the way the normal etiquette time frame to buy and to have all your Holiday Christmas Cards ready to begin writing out your Christmas Holiday list to everyone is typically around three weeks in advance, after Thanksgiving and to send out the Christmas cards the average time is usually two to three weeks before Christmas so the time is now for you to send out. Please DO NOT let your Christmas cards or GIFTS get caught up in this years Christmas rush because of your procrastination.
And, when you get ready to mail out your Christmas cards to make sure you use you your return address and address labels, this way if you get a returned Christmas card, you can know instantly because so many people move throughout the year the card can be sent back to you and you can get in touch with the person and update your records for your next mailing whether it is a birthday, Easter, Graduation, etc gift you are trying to send a card out for. And, try to order nicely decorated festive address labels and stamps this looks really nice. And, DO NOT leave co-workers out on your list of mail-outs.