Holiday Etiquette Tips


Happy Holidays everyone,

I would like to just share some quick Holiday Etiquette Tips with you.

  1. When you receive an invitation with a RSVP PLEASE call immediately this way the gracious host will be informed in a timely manner letting them know you will be attending so he/she can plan accordingly for the event.
  2. PLEASE use proper dining etiquette and social etiquette when you arrive at the event.
  3. PLEASE do not disrespect the guest by staying on your cell phone while mingling with guests and speaking with others on the phone at the event.
  4. PLEASE make sure you bring a gift with you at the event for the host, a great example would be a bottle of wine.
  5. PLEASE do not overindulge with food and drinks. I am positive you will not receive another invite if you do not use PROPER Fundamentals of Etiquette.
  6. PLEASE make sure you send a Thank You card to the host for the lovely afternoon/evening you had.

Again, these are just a few holiday tips I wanted to share.

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