“How are you Welcoming your Guests”


A quick question for you, how are you greeting your guests? Are you warm and inviting or cold and stoic? What kind of host are you? So many questions right. But, let’s take a quick look at this. Please don’t take for granted that you do not have to have proper manners just because you see your guests who in some cases are your friends or co-workers.

Are we “Welcoming” people in our homes, offices properly, How about 3 quick Welcome Etiquette Tips.

1) Give a warm greeting, when guests arrive please make sure you are courteous and at least say, Hi, How are you? How was the drive in and/or the weather, and “Thank Your Guests” for coming, because I see so many people think that just because you are used to seeing the same people you don’t have to have PROPER MANNERS when you invite your friends, guests, co-workers etc over? Give your guest a hug, a firm handshake, and look them in the eye.

And, by all means, offer to take their coats, hats, etc.

2) Offer your guests a drink, Tea, Wine, Soda, Water (I just love that Aqua Panna water).

Also, let the guests know that you have snacks/appetizers for them, and they are for them to enjoy during their visit. This would be helpful especially if other people are coming, and especially for other entrees items would be served much later in the day.

3) Also, if you have more than one guest coming to visit, make sure you encourage your guest to make themselves at home and get comfortable and mingle with the other guests. And, if they don’t know anyone how about if you start things out by introducing your guests to someone at your dinner, office, party etc.,

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