“It’s Vision Board Time – Spring Into Your New Vision”


How many of you have ever designed and created your very own Vision Board? If, you have never created one, now is your chance to put your vision to work, and create, dream and design your very own vision board. All you need is your own personal Vision. Go to the Dollar Store and grab a poster board for a dollar, or you may have one just laying around, or already have one at home, and then decide on whatever color(s) makes you happy for your poster board, It is Spring maybe use pretty bright colors, and, I once heard that different colors allude to your moods so I know you will have lots of fun creating and designing your Vision Board,  I want you to “Spring Into Your New Vision” today. Don’t put this off, you will feel so happy, when you finish your vision board, go and get magazines (new and old – lots of them) have tape handy, and glue, crayons, also, make sure you get magazines that inspire and uplift you, even including BIBLE scriptures, etc.,  look for whatever remnants you have around you. Now you can begin your journey of whatever vision you always wanted to envision for yourself. It’s called Inspiration and it is all about you.

Let me share with you what the BIBLE says about us having a VISION: Proverbs 29:18 (King James Version) it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…….. ,

I know we are all busy, look at all this technology we have to deal with daily, work, kids, husbands, the internet, computer, everything, just busy, busy busy. We just do not have time for hands on projects like board games any more either. So, please take time out for your yourself for once and plan to create your very own detailed vision board.

But, even with all of us being super busy, we still need to take time out for ourselves to pamper us especially all of females with children, I know first hand, I have 3 sons. So, I can talk from experience. We need to inspire ourselves and sometimes with us being so busy, as stated we often forget we set short goals. So, I think it would be a great idea to create and design your very own “Vision Board”, to keep us focused, if you need help in hosting a party and do not know what to do contact Detroit Delivers at DetroitDelivers@gmail.com for a free one on one consultation.

And, while designing your vision board here are just a few great ideas for you to soothe your soul along the way, to go along with creating and designing your very own vision board, get some great music together, drink some wine, invite some friends over, and you can plan this activity together and who knows maybe you can make a great friends and/or family tradition out of creating your very own vision board.