Personal Planning – “Spring Is In The Air”


How about if I talk about Personal Planning, how many of us have resolutions from the beginning of the year that we did not keep. I mean we all try to keep the resolutions, but we all know things happen. But, here is a great new time to regroup with Spring just arriving. Spring is a beautiful season here in Michigan. The Birds are chirping in the air, people falling in love, planning weddings, lovely events, etc., “Spring is in the Air” and lots of changes are about to begin.

Personal Planning would be a great time to say this is it – It is time to really take control and organize your whole life makeover with Personal Planning. Personal Planning is an excellent way to develop the kind of life that you want to lead. Personal Planning goals may change from having great physical and mental health even improving relationships to increased community involvement. If anyone is like me, I am super busy, so this is why I am STRESSING to each and every one of you to get organized.

Personal Planning is a must, it will help you move to the next level in your daily life. So, from now on make a new resolution to plan to get up early, get organized, learn to plan your meal plans out for the entire week, morning and evening, plan worship day/night, plan activities with your kids, loved ones, etc., plan out a plan for your team at work, your co-workers even, learn to volunteer for you community, even take time out to Personal Plan your friends ask yourself this question are they even healthy for you to re-plan going out and meeting new friends with healthy goals, plan on quiet time so you can continue to be the best that you can be. Please learn to reflect daily on everything around you and start to make goals for yourself, and revisit all your goals short to long range and grow from that. Make goal setting ideas is all that I am asking let’s do this together. Can I count on you? Let’s Personal Plan our daily lives.


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